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Most owners sell a business just once in a lifetime. The reasons for the sale may differ; retirement, ill-health, a disagreement between partners, a change of lifestyle, a new and better opportunity. Whatever the reason for selling a business you’ll want to achieve the best value possible.


Business brokers like Aconsulting are constantly operating in the mergers and acquisitions market and so have the skills to help owners who want to sell a business to get the best deal.


Ideally an exit strategy should be part of your business plan from the outset. Few of us want to work for ever, so it makes sense to have a clear idea of what you want financial rewards you want when the time comes to sell your business.


We can help you to increase the value of your business, and who better than someone who spends his working life selling companies to advise you about preparing your business for sale (link to preparation page).


Ask yourself “how would I go about selling my business?”


How would you get a realistic valuation?

How would you keep the sale of your business confidential? Failure to do so may cause unnecessary anxiety amongst customers, suppliers and employees, all of which can adversely affect your company’s performance.

Does the structure of your business need to be adjusted for reasons of tax efficiency?

How will you cope with running your business and at the same time deal with marketing your business and dealing with all the enquiries?

How will you structure the deal?


These are just some of the reasons that business owners should plan their exit well ahead, and seek expert advice at an early stage. Good advice doesn’t come cheap, but will more than pay for itself in the long run.


Using a Business Broker such as Aconsulting ensures that selling a business is handled from the start in a confidential way. From initial valuation, through marketing, to negotiation of a deal, and liaison with solicitors and accountants to ensure a successful sale, we will guide you through the process, leaving you to run your business.


Our commitment to you is that you will receive an honest appraisal of the value of your company, our attendance at all meetings with prospective buyers and their advisors, and ongoing advice throughout the process to a successful completion of the sale.


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